Mother’s Day Inspiration

Today’s post is going to be a full one! I will break it down for you so you know what your getting into.

1. Great ways to celebrate Mom

2. An incredible story about an incredible Mom


1. Celebrate Mom

-I know you are tired of hearing it but I am going to say it again, celebrate mom the way she wants to be celebrated. Just because it is known that you go to brunch Mother’s Day does not mean that is what you have to do or even what mom wants to do. My mom, doesn’t like doing that because she doesn’t want to deal with the crowds and us kids have way too many little one’s for it even to be enjoyable:) Now your mom may LOVE doing this and it is a tradition so roll with it. I received a text from my sis in law this week that was perfect. I was asking her about their plans and she responded more blunt than ever that her wish for Mother’s Day was to not plan anything. I LOVE that! So get creative but be specific.


1. Take her to a movie

2. Call in to go food from her favorite restaurant and relax

3. If she loves sewing or scrap booking tell her you guys are going to her favorite craft store to pick out some must have items she needs. Yes you might never do this but share in her likes and hobbies.

4. There is always the go to watch the kids and send her to get a pedicure. Or give her some spending money to head to the mall with no strollers, diaper bags or snacks to walk around and actually try clothes on.

Overall spend time with her. I am pretty confident in say us moms and women are wired for quality time. Don’t rush through the day because it’s mothers day. Take the time to make it about her because most of the time she makes it about you.

2. A strong momma story

So I met Kori about a year ago because her husband and her are extremely talented photographers. We are friends on Facebook and she posts updates on her adoption adventures. Kori and her husband Jared have two kids and decided to adopt a little boy Jax. Well they did and then the door opened to adopt Keagan. Well she wrote a blog post a few days ago that filled my eyes with tears. It inspired me to be a strong mom and thank God for people like Kori and Jared who wrap these little one’s up and show them the love they oh so deserve.

Here we go, enjoy.


THE RISK… This whole process of foster adoption has been refining. More refining than I ever had imagined. The emotions have been so hard to articulate let alone communicate. It has been a process that I have been working so hard to be surrendered to. Most days have battled between hopeful and intensely frustrated… some days feeling defeated. Keagan’s case has been so different from Jax’s. When Jax came home he was placed with us as a concurrent placement… and his case was being transferred to adoptions… his case was very promising and there was significantly less risk.

So when we made the decision to bring Keagan home we knew that we were literally starting from the very … very… very… beginning of the process. It was so fresh that there had been no court decisions about anything… The RISK was huge. In the beginning I kept telling myself we would deal with the decisions as they came but that for the time we would love on him as our own. We still get the question of “Does that mean you could loose them? Could they go back?” And We had said from the beginning well before even Jax came home that even if our home was used as a safe place for however long we had them… we would love them with all we had and that we would trust that our home was used for just the right reason at just the right time even if we never understood why. I will tell you… honestly those words battled in my head early this week. I struggled to trust the Lord in what he is doing in and through our family. The trouble with desiring to love Keagan as our own… is that that is exactly what we have done… We have fallen in love with him. Over the top in LOVE and the thought that he could be on his way to reunification gripped my heart.We knew it was possible… we knew that was the risk and we made the decision to love him anyway.

Keagan had a hearing this week where the judge decided whether birth mom would be given a plan to reunify with him or whether his case would be transferred straight to adoptions. In the days leading up to the hearing I struggled with a fear like I have never felt before. A fear that we could loose him. Even worse than the fear of us loosing him was the fear of not being able to protect him… what life could be like for him.

Yesterday the call came through. When I saw his social worker’s name show up on caller ID… I couldn’t answer fast enough. I could hear it in her voice… but I still needed her to tell me. It was like I could breathe again… Like the massive amount of weights were lifted off of my shoulders…

She said that the judge had decided to bypass services and move his case to adoptions. I could hardly speak I was full of tears… tears of relief. It wasn’t excitement… it wasn’t really even joyous… it was a refining relief. It is still painful on some level. The reality is still that there will be loss for Keagan. The loss of a relationship with a birthparent and it seriously breaks my heart and I know that in their future we will have to be prepared to have some big adult conversations with them but for now… there is RELIEF.

For now we keep him and love him like crazy.

We have had some hard… hard days with this process… And moments like these below keep our hearts happy… We snuggle a little longer, hug a little more, and giggle lots! These sweet faces… the ones we can share and the ones that we can’t are what make our days worth it… 
Thank you Kori for allowing me to share this story. Happy Mother’s Day to you, a mom who deserves so much!
So I hope you feel inspired to celebrate your mom in a way that she would love and I hope your inspired by a story of a mom who has nothing but love in all that she does.
Happy Friday!