Shawntel and Paolo {Vision Board}

Well it is about that time to present the vision board for Shawntel and Paolo’s upcoming wedding.



For Alpha Lee Events it is a small visual guideline for the elements involved in a upcoming wedding. Because of the resources of blogs, Pinterest and so much more we are able to pull from these creative folks and put together a vision board. This not only helps the couple see different elements but also us vendors to try and capture that oh so specific vision.



Nope! They are usually chosen because of the overall concept or color but in almost all cases are tweaked to the specific wedding. Sometimes I will choose a photo just because of that perfect tone of yellow they showed, now it could be on a school bus and the school bus has nothing to do with the wedding but that color has everything to do with it. Make sense 🙂 ?


You will also see a color scheme for the event. These are the main colors that will be incorporated for the big day.


So here we go…

vision board poidmore-newton


After months of planning these are just a handful that have inspired us for this day. Now for the exact outcomes you will have to wait till the day. I cannot wait for this sweet day. Shawntel and Paolo’s style is half romantic and classy and half comfortable and casual. Their outdoor setting will tie everything together and provide an incredible background for all elements created. Thank you Shawntel and Paolo for allowing us to share this with our friends.

Thanks for checking in and sharing in our vision, have a good Tuesday.



Details that caught our eye

What was the wedding world like before Pinterest and Blogs?! Here are a few details that have caught our eye to start your week off.







Just a few and if you can’t tell floral was definitely on te brain.


Vision- Chris and Anne

You met Chris and Anne a few weeks back. Their wedding is just a few weeks out and the vision for everything they have planned is about to come about! Here is their vision board! Lots of white and silver tones with hints of birch and dark wood as well as a touch of blush pink. The goal for this wedding is it is going to be gorgeous with beautiful flowers and details but do not hesitate to cuddle up with a blanket by the candle light and enjoy a warm beverage.

MussonSobieralski vision

Keep an eye out for photos of this beautiful wedding including the sweet stories behind their special day.

I just want to wish everyone a Happy New Year. Thank you for joining and following the Alpa Lee adventure. We have big plans this year and really look forward to creating moments and helping you create moments that you will treasure for a long.

2013 we cannot wait to see what you have in store, cheers!