Perfect Planning {Snippet}

In my family we do something called neenies. It basically is us getting EXTREMELY excited about something, we cannot contain it! Well I have been doing them for the past couple days because Alpha Lee has just embarked on a brand new adventure. We just launched our first Snippet called “Perfect Planning.”

What is a Snippet?

Glad you asked. Snippet is an App in the App Store full of great, information packed books. They are quick reads, with each chapter being no more than 1,000 words. As you are reading pictures, audio and video are incorporated to allow you the reader to really connect. Check out more about my friends at Snippet hereĀ

Perfect Planning:

Anyone who has planned an event knows very well that those two words do not go together. The planning process is perceived as stressful and overwhelming. Well I feel that it should be enjoyable and memorable. That s why I wrote this.

It is from the standpoint of me as once a bride and as a planner for the past five years. With personal photos, tips to save money, questions to ask venues/vendors and so much more I hope it gives you insight and confidence while planning your wedding. Now this is not just for the brides, i have included a letter to the groom, bridal party and parents of bride/groom because sometimes they are unclear of what their role looks like. I also go into detail of what a planner really does. I am constantly asked that so on almost every chapter I go over when my involvement is in each step of the process. Here is a glimpse of a few chapters.


photo-3 photo-4

photo-5 photo-6


One of the greatest features of the Snippet is it links you directly to my Twitter account for questions or to share ideas. I have heard from numerous brides that they feel lost and overwhelmed with information or where to go. With Perfect Planning it not only goes over all the areas but I really am here to help and answer the questions you submit. The cost of this bill to provide the information and available for questions is $1.99!!! I can claim that’s the best deal in town;)


How to get it?

Visit the App Store and search Snippet

You will see Perfect Planning in the library



So spread the word. Even if you are not getting married you might know someone who is or like you see above this is to help with everyone involved, parents, groom, bridal party and so much more. Let’s make the planning process enjoyable and memorable!

Happy manic Monday