Perfect Planning {Snippet}

In my family we do something called neenies. It basically is us getting EXTREMELY excited about something, we cannot contain it! Well I have been doing them for the past couple days because Alpha Lee has just embarked on a brand new adventure. We just launched our first Snippet called “Perfect Planning.”

What is a Snippet?

Glad you asked. Snippet is an App in the App Store full of great, information packed books. They are quick reads, with each chapter being no more than 1,000 words. As you are reading pictures, audio and video are incorporated to allow you the reader to really connect. Check out more about my friends at Snippet here

Perfect Planning:

Anyone who has planned an event knows very well that those two words do not go together. The planning process is perceived as stressful and overwhelming. Well I feel that it should be enjoyable and memorable. That s why I wrote this.

It is from the standpoint of me as once a bride and as a planner for the past five years. With personal photos, tips to save money, questions to ask venues/vendors and so much more I hope it gives you insight and confidence while planning your wedding. Now this is not just for the brides, i have included a letter to the groom, bridal party and parents of bride/groom because sometimes they are unclear of what their role looks like. I also go into detail of what a planner really does. I am constantly asked that so on almost every chapter I go over when my involvement is in each step of the process. Here is a glimpse of a few chapters.


photo-3 photo-4

photo-5 photo-6


One of the greatest features of the Snippet is it links you directly to my Twitter account for questions or to share ideas. I have heard from numerous brides that they feel lost and overwhelmed with information or where to go. With Perfect Planning it not only goes over all the areas but I really am here to help and answer the questions you submit. The cost of this bill to provide the information and available for questions is $1.99!!! I can claim that’s the best deal in town;)


How to get it?

Visit the App Store and search Snippet

You will see Perfect Planning in the library



So spread the word. Even if you are not getting married you might know someone who is or like you see above this is to help with everyone involved, parents, groom, bridal party and so much more. Let’s make the planning process enjoyable and memorable!

Happy manic Monday



Shawntel and Paolo {Vision Board}

Well it is about that time to present the vision board for Shawntel and Paolo’s upcoming wedding.



For Alpha Lee Events it is a small visual guideline for the elements involved in a upcoming wedding. Because of the resources of blogs, Pinterest and so much more we are able to pull from these creative folks and put together a vision board. This not only helps the couple see different elements but also us vendors to try and capture that oh so specific vision.



Nope! They are usually chosen because of the overall concept or color but in almost all cases are tweaked to the specific wedding. Sometimes I will choose a photo just because of that perfect tone of yellow they showed, now it could be on a school bus and the school bus has nothing to do with the wedding but that color has everything to do with it. Make sense 🙂 ?


You will also see a color scheme for the event. These are the main colors that will be incorporated for the big day.


So here we go…

vision board poidmore-newton


After months of planning these are just a handful that have inspired us for this day. Now for the exact outcomes you will have to wait till the day. I cannot wait for this sweet day. Shawntel and Paolo’s style is half romantic and classy and half comfortable and casual. Their outdoor setting will tie everything together and provide an incredible background for all elements created. Thank you Shawntel and Paolo for allowing us to share this with our friends.

Thanks for checking in and sharing in our vision, have a good Tuesday.


Venue spotlight: River Highlands Ranch

Happy Monday! Well we had a very busy weekend. I had the privilege to work with some incredible people to create a unique and beautiful wedding shoot. I cannot wait to share with you all the images and stories from the shoot but today I thought I would highlight the talented folks that helped. Today we will start with…

River Highlands Ranch


This was the back drop for our beautiful shoot. When you drive on their property your blood pressure drops and you are in awe of the land. Rolling green hills, gravel pathways, vineyards and a beautifully designed barn that looks out on the 600 acres. RHR is designed perfectly for an event. From the design work you can do in the barn to the fun elements you can bring in because you truly have a blank canvas. One of my favorite additions is the duck pond cabin. This cozy little cabin sits on a beautiful stream, has a fire place, darling kitchen, bathroom and large bed.


r027 r012

It’s a perfect spot for after you say I do. I love working with Juanita, she knows the property and it’s capabilities so well and is so helpful. You can find more information and pictures at

For more from our shoot check Alpha Lee out on Instagram, @alphaleeevents. Have a great day!


Interview with our soon to be bride

Shawntel and I took a break from planning to talk about how the process has been and share with all of you some of the details and some tips from the bride herself!

AL: What has been your favorite part of the planning process this far?
S: Is it May yet?!?! I am so excited to get married and everything has been so fun and exciting. I have to say though, my favorite part so far would have to be designing the wedding, piecing it all one by one. We are getting so close to the end and I can’t wait to see how everything turns out!
AL: What is the most important goal for you to achieve on your day?
S:One of my goals for this wedding, it to be a witness to my friends and family. Paolo and I have been trying, and will continue to try and make our relationship a God-cenetered relationship. I want all our family and friends to know that!
AL: Have you hit any points in your planning process that have been stressful?
S: I would definitely have to say that money is just stressful in general. My parents have generously provided Paolo and I with a budget for a nice wedding. Thankfully Paolo’s mother, as a wedding gift, gave me a wedding planner! Kim has been a HUGE help with this. She has been able to break everything down for me and has helped me keep on track with our budget. At times I found myself stressing out with the budget, but we have managed to do everything within our budget.
AL: If you could give your wedding a title or theme what would it be?
S: Paolo would laugh at me if he knew I said this, but the one word that I find myself saying about our wedding is, VINTAGE! Apparently I use it a lot 😉
AL: To all of the brides out there what is your best piece of advice for them?
S: Brides to be…get a wedding planner 🙂 Seriously, they are so helpful and relieve so much stress!!
AL: Is there anything that you were surprised to learn that a wedding planner does? 
S: So I know this will sound funny, but since I am a funeral director, I thought I would be able to plan my own wedding no problem. I am able to plan well and fast. However, once we were engaged I started stressing immediately. Planning a wedding is a lot different. Yes, we have more time to plan, but there is SO much into it. Paolo’s mother called me and said as a gift she was going to give me a wedding planner and I was so thankful. Kim has been so wonderful and literally has done so much for Paolo and I. I joke with Paolo saying that I talk/text with my wedding planner more than him! It’s the truth! I do have to say though, Kim and I have planned this wedding well and fast! I can’t wait to see how it all turns out!
AL: When you tried on your dress did you know it was the one?
S: This is actually not your traditional answer! When I went dress shopping I went with my mother and my soon-to-be mother in law. My two younger sisters were not able to come so my mom was taking pictures and sending pictures so they could help me pick one out. I went to a small boutique in Chico called, The French Door, and I had two dresses that I liked…one more than the other. Both of my sisters told me that they did NOT like the one dress that I was favoring. Funny thing was, I already bought the dress. I told them that I loved the dress and bought it. They both called and said that the other dress was way better!! I didn’t know what to do! I had already bought the dress and I couldn’t believe my sisters didn’t really like it. Thankfully the owner of the store told me that if I wanted to exchage the dress for the other I could. So right before we were about to leave the store, I decided to try back on the dress that my sisters loved. Once I looked at the pictures of me in the dress my mom took of me, I too, saw why my sisters loved the other dress. Needless to say, I exchanged my dress for the other one and FELL IN LOVE with it more and more. I went back for my fittings and some how managed to fall more in love with it! Thank you sisters 🙂
AL: Does Paolo have any requests for the wedding?
S: Ha! Paolo is being so good during all this, he’s really stepped back and has let me plan the wedding. Though, he did have a FEW requests that I honored 😉
One being that he and his groomsmen could wear white tennis shoes with their suits. It acutally looks GREAT!! The second request is that we have good food, and lots of it! Done! We have an amazing caterer.

Thank you Shawntel for the interview! We will catch up with her and maybe even Paolo too after the wedding and hear them give all the details about the day and if their vision for it came about.
Have a great evening

Happy 1st Birthday

Well my sweet baby girl turned ONE. What a sweet blessing she is to our family and the joy she brings me daily is indescribable.

So as an event planner and consumed in a pinterest, blog world my ideas were all over the place for her party. Over the past couple years I have taken on a new thought process when doing events and I was quickly reminded of it during this time. MAKE YOUR PARTIES, WEDDINGS AND EVENTS ABOUT THE PERSON/PEOPLE YOU ARE CELEBRATING! I will say this over and over again and as simple as it sounds we sometimes loose focus of it and get way passed what we are celebrating and more importantly who.

So here is Kinslee Grace:

-loves singing songs and reading books

-does not like a ton of people; she gets overwhelmed

-loves cheese

-loves squeeze packs

-does not like uncomfortable dressy clothes:) we are working on keeping bows on

-loves nap time

-loves to play with balls and her push toys

-loves to cuddle

Ok so here is the party details.

A Nursery Rhyme Party

Food: Pizza, salad and apple sauce squeeze packs

* You should have seen my menu before this it was out of control and I would have been in the kitchen all day and not enjoying my girls special day

Favors: homemade star sugar cookies with Twinkle Twinkle Little Star tags

Treats: Chocolate and vanilla cupcakes and a ruffles cake for Kins made by Whole Foods. If you have one near you check their bakery out, so yummy!

Time: not during nap time, right before and the party was only 2 hours so we had a happy girl

Special feature: My amazing husband made a quick video of this past year’s journey

 Here is a little glimpse of that special day.

IMG_0314 IMG_0317

S1wVEOh8BgOgmSD2bkldWmwMZqxxxrM9z4GiSYW0ZpY,f2V2BxM4q2nEnqX5ubEvxDIx95-Kw5KH2lHwvLN6VsU 4SmRcizXdUFRq1kdZ-QDyTgj_5okr99ZrAVxiNCKuqI,tUPUs8yR1SBPrR_-Lfl3S56ves4RB_srXnHKA9utACc,qhNfn_DsO9kAL6d-GCRPebKfgE0yV4WVbEZt-StwigM IMG_0344kGTq4yAR4ccEhSzZ1O5VXhesjyHKlzz-R6eU50cu_58,EFDp_9pP4RgWQP37ZSPeadSAqwXry1PXkVp-ncKOKGE,qL5Wp56l2gfwudCQY_Ec6sdcG6l_elEFaP_JJcVZVlo IMG_0326 IMG_0327 IMG_0329 IMG_0331

Tori Wible with TW Photography captured some fun pictures of our girl for her 1st Birthday! If you are able to make sure you capture your kids at these fun stages.

toriwible-8777 toriwible-8948



Have a great day! And treat yourself to a treat:)


Stylized photo shoot-I need your input!

I am so excited to be teaming up with some incredible vendors to create a fully designed wedding at a BEAUTIFUL location!

Here is what I need from you, it only takes a second. If you are a bride, know a bride, mother of the bride, groom, maid of honor whoever I want to know what you want inspiration for or what you would like to see us create. It could be a head table, bouquet, favors, ceremony alter…anything!! Also what styles or color’s would you like to see?  Even if you are in the middle of planning a event (non wedding) we hope these design styles will help.

To make it easy you can respond in all technology forms, because there are so many!!!

Twitter- @AlphaLeeEvents

Facebook- AlphaLee Events 


OR on here. Leave a comment with what you want to see!

We will take all of your ideas and thoughts and create a vision board for the shoot!

So take a few minutes and give us your feedback or what you are dying to see design wise!

Can’t wait to hear from all of you.


About me…Alpha Lee

This is a fun little post for you to get to know me. I always wonder who is behind companies or blogs. All of the awards and accomplishments are great and appreciated but who are you? Well here we go.

I first would like to introduce you to Alpa Lee. She was my great grandma and the beginning of the “Lee” tradition. Since Alpa Lee my grandma Patricia Lee came then Barbara Lee my mom and then me Kimberlee and now my sweet baby girl Kinslee. When I begin to think about all of these women I noticed a common theme… they are/were creative in some capacity. My great grandma was incredible at sewing, as my mom told me she could make so many different pieces. My grandma Pat always hosted the best parties. The food was ALWAYS homemade and over the top. What I always think of is her and my grandpa’s Christmas party. There were Santa’s everywhere and the game would be count the Santa’s. My mom…she is so creative but what makes her creative is she really pays attention to who the party is for and makes it match them perfectly. Our birthday parties as kids were by no means lavish, but creative and so memorable!

This is my bridal shower my mom and grandma planned a few years ago, so beautiful!

2010-04-16 23.24.38 2010-04-16 23.24.49

My grandma was so excited to create a Matt and Kim bride and groom 🙂

2010-04-16 23.26.29 2010-04-17 00.06.10 2010-04-17 00.24.26 2010-04-17 00.33.58

Such sweet memories of my mom and grandma trying on wedding dresses.


Me…I am a wife, a mom and event planner. I am exactly half my mom and my dad. As you read before my mom is creative and such a hostess with a caring spirit and my dad is a outgoing, relational business man. I admire my dad for building a incredible lumber company over the past 30 years, he is a hard worker and visionary.

I am a wife.  My husband Matt and I have been married for about 2 1/2 years. He has been on many events with me and is my right hand man, I tell him he is employee of the month. Matt is extremely creative and can really make anything. He’s created bed frames and dining room tables that look straight out of Pottery Barn. It’s so fun when I am in the design phase of a wedding because I love hearing his opinion and even his ideas to create accent pieces. Bottom line I couldn’t do anything with out him!

0879 IMG_0024

Im a mom. Kinslee Grace will be one this week. I love this sweet girl to pieces and she has opened my eyes to so many things in life. She loves helping mom with laundry, snuggling, taking baths and walking with her push toy.

IMG_7676 IMG_0113r IMG_0967

Im a event planner. I love celebrating big moments and small. My goal for Alpha Lee is not to just sit and talk through the checklist of a wedding. It is to really get to know someone and find out who they are and how we can create a great moment that represents them. This can be a wedding, birthdays, baby shower, bridal shower…any reason to celebrate. My other goal is to help guide all of you out there on how to have a great family dinner or make a “not so big” birthday special. I believe every bride and groom should be able to be at their wedding and not look around and make sure something is n’t missing but look at their soon to be spouse and giggle and jump up and down and realize what a big day this is. Same goes for every other celebrations in life.

So, please join me on this journey as I help you create moments. This blog will be all things moments, even if it is a great recipe to make for your family that will bring everyone to the table. If you have any questions about how to create some fun moments coming up, EMAIL ME! I promise I won’t send you a bill I just want to see pictures. So, happy new year and like I said please join me on this journey to create some very special memories! Here is a little bit more of my moments.

2009-11-22 08.47.51

My sweet family

2009-11-22 09.53.38 2009-11-22 10.12.33

I am very blessed that my brothers married two amazing girls! Love my sis in laws.

2010-01-02 08.47.47 38357_1231546127710_1800861514_470644_3086045_n

Bridesmaids, represent all stages of my life.

IMG_0537 IMG_0545IMG_0546

Me and my incredible mom, I am so blessed to be able to learn from her.


And all the cousins!

IMG_4216IMG_4596 IMG_0726

Thanksgiving breakfast with football and the Thanksgiving parade.


My new niece June Michelle, finally Kinslee will have someone to play dolls with!


My big girl.

Nice to meet all of you and thank you again for joining me on my journey!