Anne and Chris’ wedding day

I have to say these are my favorite posts to write. I love reflecting back on the day and falling in love with all of the moments and details all over again.

Anne and Chris’ day was so special. They were so excited for it as were their guests. Anne had such a clear vision of what she wanted to see come alive as far as decor and little touches, but the basis was she wanted to marry her best friend and do it it front of the one’s she cared about most and God. Anne is one of the most sincere and caring people I know. All day she kept asking if I was doing ok and if she could get me anything…really!! Here is the day summed up by the talented Anita Martin Photography.







This is the moment in a planner’s life that really makes you choke up. This is Anne’s response to seeing her long awaited vision come about. It’s the moment where you take that long awaited breath as a bride and say it’s here, the day is here and this is what I’ve planned, hoped and prayed for. For me this is why I do what I do, so a bride, groom and their family can have this moment and enjoy it.


Anne and her mom Mary, have a relationship that is extremely special. They have a unique and special bond that this picture screams.


This one melts my heart. This is Anne and her sweet ring bearer Hudson. These two share a sweet bond and it also just shows the care and love Anne has. She took the time to give Hudson a pep talk, tell him how handsome he looked and how much she loves him. The best news… Hudson went down the aisle like a champ!


 Ok wipe the tears, let’s switch over to the details. Anne really wanted a beautiful/clean winter white setting, but also wanted everyone to be comfortable and cozy.

     Chris+Anne-1089-2394472474-O   Chris+Anne-1121-2394477384-O Chris+Anne-1145-2394480488-O

All of Anne and Chris’ family and friends pulled together to make this dessert buffet. Their favors were custom hot chocolate mugs and a decked out hot chocolate bar full of fun toppings.

Chris+Anne-1183-2394487197-O Chris+Anne-1188-2394488230-O


Loved this sign! Created by Carly Pray with Sweetly Spoken Signs.


Chris and Anne are amazing golfers and share the love of golf. Forget the sand ceremony, this wedding called for a ceremonial chip shot.





Thank you Anne and Chris for allowing me to share in such a special and treasured day.


For much more of Chris and Anne’s wedding visit Anita Martin Photography’s blog. Have a great day and happy friday!

Photography: Anita Martin Photography

Venue: Morgan Creek 

Flowers: Rodarte Floral


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