Always a bridesmaid

Thanks for checking in this week on all of our favorite wedding pieces. Today is all about the gals that stand beside you. We have picked a few companies that carry great dresses for your bridesmaids. I personally love recommending brides to look at “regular” stores as opposed to bridal shops. The fit is usually a little bit better, if the girls live in different cities it’s easier to track down and you have a wider price point selection. So don’t forget to check Nordstrom and Macy’s…they have so many dresses to choose from!!

Ruche…again! Ruche has a specific bridal department but they also have great dress selections. So here is a bit of both.


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Anthropologie. I love this store, I feel like the creative juices start flowing when I am in there. They also have a great assortment of dresses and are in quite a few locations.


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J. Crew again too! I do sometimes tend to have my favorites. J. Crew has a really great collection of dress for your girls.

18480_WE3746_m 18488_WE3750_m 41764_BL8837_m 41825_PR5240_m 76669_GY6529_m


Do not be afraid to use a pattern or fun color. Please make sure you choose a dress that every girls will be comfortable in.


Hope you enjoyed, now what should we do tomorrow??????



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