Interview with our soon to be bride

Shawntel and I took a break from planning to talk about how the process has been and share with all of you some of the details and some tips from the bride herself!

AL: What has been your favorite part of the planning process this far?
S: Is it May yet?!?! I am so excited to get married and everything has been so fun and exciting. I have to say though, my favorite part so far would have to be designing the wedding, piecing it all one by one. We are getting so close to the end and I can’t wait to see how everything turns out!
AL: What is the most important goal for you to achieve on your day?
S:One of my goals for this wedding, it to be a witness to my friends and family. Paolo and I have been trying, and will continue to try and make our relationship a God-cenetered relationship. I want all our family and friends to know that!
AL: Have you hit any points in your planning process that have been stressful?
S: I would definitely have to say that money is just stressful in general. My parents have generously provided Paolo and I with a budget for a nice wedding. Thankfully Paolo’s mother, as a wedding gift, gave me a wedding planner! Kim has been a HUGE help with this. She has been able to break everything down for me and has helped me keep on track with our budget. At times I found myself stressing out with the budget, but we have managed to do everything within our budget.
AL: If you could give your wedding a title or theme what would it be?
S: Paolo would laugh at me if he knew I said this, but the one word that I find myself saying about our wedding is, VINTAGE! Apparently I use it a lot 😉
AL: To all of the brides out there what is your best piece of advice for them?
S: Brides to be…get a wedding planner 🙂 Seriously, they are so helpful and relieve so much stress!!
AL: Is there anything that you were surprised to learn that a wedding planner does? 
S: So I know this will sound funny, but since I am a funeral director, I thought I would be able to plan my own wedding no problem. I am able to plan well and fast. However, once we were engaged I started stressing immediately. Planning a wedding is a lot different. Yes, we have more time to plan, but there is SO much into it. Paolo’s mother called me and said as a gift she was going to give me a wedding planner and I was so thankful. Kim has been so wonderful and literally has done so much for Paolo and I. I joke with Paolo saying that I talk/text with my wedding planner more than him! It’s the truth! I do have to say though, Kim and I have planned this wedding well and fast! I can’t wait to see how it all turns out!
AL: When you tried on your dress did you know it was the one?
S: This is actually not your traditional answer! When I went dress shopping I went with my mother and my soon-to-be mother in law. My two younger sisters were not able to come so my mom was taking pictures and sending pictures so they could help me pick one out. I went to a small boutique in Chico called, The French Door, and I had two dresses that I liked…one more than the other. Both of my sisters told me that they did NOT like the one dress that I was favoring. Funny thing was, I already bought the dress. I told them that I loved the dress and bought it. They both called and said that the other dress was way better!! I didn’t know what to do! I had already bought the dress and I couldn’t believe my sisters didn’t really like it. Thankfully the owner of the store told me that if I wanted to exchage the dress for the other I could. So right before we were about to leave the store, I decided to try back on the dress that my sisters loved. Once I looked at the pictures of me in the dress my mom took of me, I too, saw why my sisters loved the other dress. Needless to say, I exchanged my dress for the other one and FELL IN LOVE with it more and more. I went back for my fittings and some how managed to fall more in love with it! Thank you sisters 🙂
AL: Does Paolo have any requests for the wedding?
S: Ha! Paolo is being so good during all this, he’s really stepped back and has let me plan the wedding. Though, he did have a FEW requests that I honored 😉
One being that he and his groomsmen could wear white tennis shoes with their suits. It acutally looks GREAT!! The second request is that we have good food, and lots of it! Done! We have an amazing caterer.

Thank you Shawntel for the interview! We will catch up with her and maybe even Paolo too after the wedding and hear them give all the details about the day and if their vision for it came about.
Have a great evening

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