Happy 1st Birthday

Well my sweet baby girl turned ONE. What a sweet blessing she is to our family and the joy she brings me daily is indescribable.

So as an event planner and consumed in a pinterest, blog world my ideas were all over the place for her party. Over the past couple years I have taken on a new thought process when doing events and I was quickly reminded of it during this time. MAKE YOUR PARTIES, WEDDINGS AND EVENTS ABOUT THE PERSON/PEOPLE YOU ARE CELEBRATING! I will say this over and over again and as simple as it sounds we sometimes loose focus of it and get way passed what we are celebrating and more importantly who.

So here is Kinslee Grace:

-loves singing songs and reading books

-does not like a ton of people; she gets overwhelmed

-loves cheese

-loves squeeze packs

-does not like uncomfortable dressy clothes:) we are working on keeping bows on

-loves nap time

-loves to play with balls and her push toys

-loves to cuddle

Ok so here is the party details.

A Nursery Rhyme Party

Food: Pizza, salad and apple sauce squeeze packs

* You should have seen my menu before this it was out of control and I would have been in the kitchen all day and not enjoying my girls special day

Favors: homemade star sugar cookies with Twinkle Twinkle Little Star tags

Treats: Chocolate and vanilla cupcakes and a ruffles cake for Kins made by Whole Foods. If you have one near you check their bakery out, so yummy!

Time: not during nap time, right before and the party was only 2 hours so we had a happy girl

Special feature: My amazing husband made a quick video of this past year’s journey

 Here is a little glimpse of that special day.

IMG_0314 IMG_0317

S1wVEOh8BgOgmSD2bkldWmwMZqxxxrM9z4GiSYW0ZpY,f2V2BxM4q2nEnqX5ubEvxDIx95-Kw5KH2lHwvLN6VsU 4SmRcizXdUFRq1kdZ-QDyTgj_5okr99ZrAVxiNCKuqI,tUPUs8yR1SBPrR_-Lfl3S56ves4RB_srXnHKA9utACc,qhNfn_DsO9kAL6d-GCRPebKfgE0yV4WVbEZt-StwigM IMG_0344kGTq4yAR4ccEhSzZ1O5VXhesjyHKlzz-R6eU50cu_58,EFDp_9pP4RgWQP37ZSPeadSAqwXry1PXkVp-ncKOKGE,qL5Wp56l2gfwudCQY_Ec6sdcG6l_elEFaP_JJcVZVlo IMG_0326 IMG_0327 IMG_0329 IMG_0331

Tori Wible with TW Photography captured some fun pictures of our girl for her 1st Birthday! If you are able to make sure you capture your kids at these fun stages.

toriwible-8777 toriwible-8948



Have a great day! And treat yourself to a treat:)



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