All things vintage

What a week! So many incredible meetings. One though was the absolute highlight. I called Forever Vintage Rentals asking about some of their beautiful candle sticks I saw on their site. That lead to us discussing more about their beautiful items they have collected and gorgeous handmade wood farm tables! THEN we began to discuss the property that they own that has been the place for many beautiful weddings. With all of this talk I had to visit.

I can positively say I have never met two women who are as genuine, hospitable and and passionate as Rhonda and Cara. They understand weddings to another level with recently going through their own daughter’s weddings. I need to stop and say why I am mentioning this and why this is important. When looking for vendors make sure you have a connection with them. Yes, price is important but really make sure you can connect with them, they understand you. I recently brought a client up to their property and the bride asked why did they treat us so well? Did you pay them:)? My response was this is the way it should be. This is a wedding, a extremely big part of your life and commitment and finding someone to care and take the time to really listen to what you are looking for is important. You should not just be another booking.

Ok now back to all things pretty and vintage. Let’s start with their rental company. I cannot begin to tell you everything they have but I will share a few of my favorites.

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Do yourself a favor and go browse their site, you will fall in love with everything! 

Now on to the property… Leaning Tree Lodge. I’m sure this will not be my last post about it but I had to just give you a glimpse. It is located right in Apple Hill outside of Placerville. You overlook a beautiful and huge pond, tree’s surround the property, market lights are already pre strung, fire pit and so much more. You go out there and you feel like you walked into another land like Narnia:) Here are some incredible events they have done but check them out on their Facebook page for much more.

199450_361103593973678_2013842290_n 304978_360579064026131_1649399817_n 316821_353071048110266_1822489824_n 487072_382654675151903_843746455_n


For many more pictures of different style weddings check them out!

Thank you Forever Vintage Rentals and Leaning Tree Lodge for treating us like queens and sharing your true gem with us.

Happy weekend!



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