Baby shower

In honor of Kinslee’s first birthday I am taking the next few days to talk all things baby. Let’s start with the shower. Ideas, theme, games, let’s cover it all!

1. Shower rules: The most important rule, is make it about the mom. Incorporate little things that only represent her. Also, really create your theme round her. Below you will find a few cute themes that match different momma’s.

-Ask her specifics about food. Many mom’s loose the sickness at the time for a shower but I know a lot of mom’s that it lingers all the way till that baby comes, so check in with them. If she loves pickles, get pickles.

-Keep the shower short, max 2 hours and yes with gifts! With that big belly it gets exhausting.

-Lastly don’t do the shower to close to the due date. Not only will the mom be more comfortable but then the couple has time to organize all of the gifts and make any necessary returns.

2. To play a game or not: This is such a personal thing. I am not a huge game fan, mostly because I feel like when you go to play the game you are having to interrupt everyone visiting…keep the mingling going. Instead of a game do a activity, something to keep people active and a treat for the mom. Examples:

-Girl: create bow/flower headbands for the baby. Have very simple materials out and let people create. Don’t have too many steps. Buy her a bow holder and slowly it will be full of new accessories.

-Boy/Girl: make a alphabet book. Have already printed sheets with letters on them. Each guest decorates one and then as the host assemble it for a book for the baby. Make sure guests sign their name on their creation. (my sis in laws did this for me)

-Boy/Girl: Make a blessings/advice book. Have different slips of paper with maybe one saying prayers for baby, adventures for family, message to mom, daddy outings etc. The guest can choose which one they are a pro on and fill it out. they can do more than one. Again the host assembles it and mom has sweet messages or ideas for her family to read.

-Boy/Girl: Hanger love. Have everyone fill out a message or prayer to the baby, have the slips of paper already ties with ribbon. Find a nice wooden hanger and hang all of these on there. Keep it in the babies closet and it will follow them wherever they go.

Here is different themes I have seen that I love.



Bow tie party


Grow party (love this!)


I could go crazy with sharing themes but check out Hostess with the Mostess and Pizzazzerie. 

Here is a little glimpse on how we celebrated my big belly!

First shower, ABC shower.





Second shower was a couples shower! So fun, husbands friends were invites too. It was a themed around the children’s book The Best Nest…so a bird theme. We did not get any detail shots:( But it was incredible! Lots of vintages touches and the favors were little birds made out of bird seeds to hang on the trees. The best part dessert was doughnut holes…yum! You can see a little but of the decor behind us.




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