Treats…tested and approved

I see so many pins and posts about great recipes but I never know how they will turn out. Here is 3 ideas that I made yesterday for our family Christmas get together that got the approval of my family members. 

#1 Salted Dark Chocolate Truffle Cookies: I LOVE sea salt and chocolate. These cookies combine the flavors. They are very rich and more of a truffle texture.

#2 Martha’s Traditional Christmas cookies: These take a few steps but not too bad. The key to  keep the cute Christmas shapes is freezing them before you pop them in the oven.

#3 This goes hand in hand with the above recipe. It’s a great royal frosting recipe along with a super fun decorating technique.

Between getting out the door with Kinslee and my husband I forgot to snap picture of all of my creations but this will not be the last time I make these great recipes. 

Share any of your tested and approved recipes here or on our FB page. 

Merry Christmas Eve



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