To all of the wrapping elves

I have seen so many great TV segments and blogs with great wrapping tips and I am sucker for great wrapping and paper. I began my wrapping adventure last night and really didn’t have too many creative items on hand besides some cute paper from Target. Well thanks to all of my creative friends out there I made it work and I wanted to share.

2012-12-21 21.12.51

-I added a sprig of Christmas tree…from the back of my Christmas tree ­čÖé to make the gift festive.

2012-12-21 21.39.32

-Tie your ribbon differently than just a bow. Criss cross them a few times or tie the bow off centered.

2012-12-22 13.22.50

-My last fun share is this great blog that has adorable tags ready to print. They have different colors and prints. It’s as easy as click and print. Here is the link┬áthank you Handmade Home for great tags!

2012-12-21 21.43.17

-Use newspaper or one thing I have always wanted to use is grocery bags, I have so many!

-I might be super late to this recommendation but man is double stick tape easier than regular for wrapping!

Happy wrapping!


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