Christmas decorating day

For the past 3 years I have worked along side a talented florist, great decorator and 4 assistants to decorate this beautiful home in Sacramento. Each year the decor is tweaked a bit but with a mix of the home owners traditional items they have collected over the years. IMG_0826


Loved this look this year. We took beautiful fabric and made huge bows to attach at each garland swag.






You can’t see it in the picture but attached to the garland is a figuring representing each of the 12 days of Christmas.



The family room is decorated a bit more cozy and comfy. They decorate this tree as a family with all of their traditional ornaments. I love the look of the three wreaths on the mantel.

AIMG_0833 IMG_0834 IMG_0835



The main tree (sorry for my blurry capture). We kept looking at it and thinking that it was just missing something. Also the tree had some gaps we needed to hide. Babies breath! I love that babies breath is no longer for putting in your hair at prom. It added that touch the tree and room needed. Along with swag of fabric and large ornaments this tree is simple yet a very strong focal point in the home.



Love their front porch. What a way to greet guests.

Their are so many option to decorating your home for Christmas. The main goal should be to make it comfortable, cozy and represent you and your families traditions. If you have any great decorating tips or even photos PLEASE share with us on here or check us out on FB. Have a great day and happy 6 more shopping days:)



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