Chris and Anne

I am so excited for you to meet Chris and Anne. Let me first introduce you to Anne. Her and I have known each other for over 20 years. We met when we were little girls through our good friend Haley. We have played lots of dress up, barbies and I am sure at one point pretend wedding. Well now it’s time for her special day…not pretend!

They are getting married in February at Morgan Creek. Anne’s vision is winter white; very clean and elegant. So many DIY pieces that will make up her decor.


They met while working together Chris noticed Anne right away and Anne is the first to admit it was not love at first sight. After time spent together working in the pro shop at a golf course they became closer. As Anne puts it one night she realized she wanted to be around him more than just at work. They spent time in downtown SLO at a coffee shop talking, he braved asking her on a date and the rest is history. I cannot sum up their feelings for one another.


Chris’ words

Anne is the love of my life and I am blessed to have spent these past few years growing with her. From SLO to San Diego to Roseville, she’s always been the best teammate in any decision we make. She is the most positive, selfless, loving person I know and keeps me calm when things aren’t going quite right. My happiness always comes first for her, even though I don’t allow it sometimes, she always has my needs in mind. And most importantly she keeps me pointed to the Lord in times when I might waver. She loves me with all of her heart and I can’t thank God enough for bringing her into my life. I can’t wait to marry her and share the rest of my life with her.

Anne’s words

Chris is my best friend. We are true teammates in that we have worked together and apart, lived in the same city and different cities and have become stronger in each situation God has given us. As time has passed, I have found him to be the most gentle, kind, strong, consistent, selfless, authentic person I have ever met. He loves Jesus with a honest heart and encourages me to do the same. He handles times of conflict with a mindfulness and grace I can only hope to strive to, and is ever present in the big and little moments. He cares for others with a unique and strong love, always encouraging me to do the same.

Keep an eye out for pictures and stories from their special day. I love hearing so many love stories but especially one of a friend who deserves such an incredible man to spend her days with.







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