Engagement Photos- Who, what, why

Why should you get engagement photos? You really can have fun with them and tap into your personality as a couple. When you take them the sky is the limit! If you love golf incorporate it, if you both love coffee go do them at a coffee shop. Most photographers include these in their wedding packages. Also you will be able to use these pictures for save the dates, guest books or accent items at your wedding. Get creative with your photographer!

Shawntel and Paolo went to a few locations from Downtown Auburn to more open fields in and around Lincoln. They had a few outfit options so they could capture different looks. It is always good to have a fun funky option (if that is you), maybe a dressier option and then a cozy comfortable look. Bailey their dog is a huge part of them and so she of course had to be included. Enjoy!


59339_10151356885005390_434571802_n 205136_10151356828195390_127383093_n 227141_10151356828280390_1737955015_n 380275_10151182113826947_1283633909_n 396973_10151356907275390_369563881_n 399264_10151182114191947_2131718753_n 532052_10151356838430390_806160330_n 563814_10151182113641947_1203639121_n


Thank you TW Photography for great photos! Tori Wible is a dear friend who has the best eye behind the camera. When choosing a photographer for their wedding Tori was such a great fit. At AlphaLee when selecting vendors for couples you pay attention to so many elements but you need to match the style and personality of the two. Your photographer is very involved on your wedding day and produces one of the only things you can take away from that day, so do your research when selecting someone.

Have a great day!



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