From the beginning…Shawntel and Paolo

I am beyond excited to introduce you to my sweet new couple Shawntel and Paolo. If you recognize that face from somewhere and you think you know her it’s probably because you tuned into the Bachelor. I have only known Shawntel for a few months now but we joke that I think she talks to me more than Paolo and I probably talk to her more than my husband:) They both are an absolute blessing a huge reason why I love creating moments (events.)

We have hit the ground running with this beautiful event which will take place in May. I am in love with Shawntel’s style and the elements that she wants to incorporate. Check back in here for our vision board for their wedding, engagement pictures and so much more. We want you to join us on the journey in planning their big day!

Now about them. Who can tell it better than Shawntel herself.

Around the month of April in 2012 Paolo and Shawntel were living their separate lives in separate towns. Shawntel was working at the funeral home and ended up meeting with a family who wanted to introduce her to their friend, the orthodontist. Business cards were handed out and God’s timing began.

May 8, 2012 Shawntel received an email from Paolo introducing himself. She responded and boldly gave Paolo her phone number. After two weeks of talking they decided they would meet up on a weekend, but Paolo couldn’t wait that long and drove to Chico on a Tuesday night to take Shawntel out on their first date. He then drove to Chico again that weekend and met her family. Paolo and Shawntel got along perfectly and were able to share their love of the Lord together.

Since Paolo lived in Roseville and Shawntel lived in Chico, it made seeing each other difficult, but thankfully they both had unlimited talk and text on their phones. The words, “I love you” were said on October 3, 2012. They both knew they wanted to spend the rest of their lives together.

Both praying for God’s will and knowing that the two of them were meant for each other, on October 27, 2012 Paolo got down on one knee and proposed to Shawntel.

Shawntel and Paolo both share the love of Christ together and have centered their relationship on the Lord. They are truly blessed and can’t wait to get married. 

Shawntel and Paolo


Congrats you two! Have a great day everybody.



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