Tips, tricks and traditions- Weddings

Whether you are a bride to me, bridesmaid, mother of the bride or just a friend here a few of my favorite tips, tricks and traditions for weddings.

Before the wedding:

Wedding chain: At your bridal shower have your guests write on a slip of paper advice or encouragement for your upcoming. My favorites were date night suggestions and a few of them had cash in it for me to go buy something small. Assemble it (like the one you made when you were little before Santa came) and number it with how many days left. It is so fun to open everyday! Here was mine at my shower.

Treat for your bridal party: I tried to think of something really fun to get my bridesmaids and I couldn’t. They were all in town for my shower so I had my sweet friend and extremely talented caterer Diana put on a cooking class at my parents house. We made a full meal and then were able to enjoy it together after. My mom and I made all of them fun aprons too.

Wedding fragrance: This is one of my favorites, my sis in law told me about it. Before the wedding make a date day with your fiance and help each other pick out a cologne and perfume. Wear it on the wedding day, honeymoon and then just on anniversaries. It’s a fun tradition and for someone like me that smell brings back so me fun memories from that whole experience.

DJ: Make sure you discuss what songs you do not want played at the wedding. Sometimes you spend so much time picking what you like. Also make sure you discuss any sensitive topics that you don’t want your DJ o slip up on. (ie. parents are not married, a parent is not in the picture, etc.) Most DJ’s should go over this with you.

Wedding Day:

One big squeeze: After they pronounce you man and wife take a moment and hug those special people in the front row. For Matt and I it was my parents and his. It was so great to in a way say thank you and celebrate with them. Also it gave us a chance to look into that sea of people cheering.

Dinner time: I typically do this for clients but if you do not have a coordinator ask a friend. If you have a buffet have someone go ahead of others and get both you and your husbands plate of food. This saves the dress, ensures you eat and saves you from getting pulled a million different ways talking to people. While your waiting it will give others a chance to come to you, then you eat and can be done to mingle while others eat. Tip attached to this one…EAT!!

Treat for the road: Again if you do not have a coordinator put someone in charge of this. If you have a candy or treat bar have them out together something and place it in your get away car. Or have the caterer box up a piece of cake or even left overs. It’s great to have after you both sit down and relax.

Post pictures: Call it trash the trash, but if you don’t want to trash the dress set up a after the wedding shoot with your photographer. This gives you the opportunity to get some of the creative shots you may have forgotten. Also you are not pressed for time and can really have fun with it. My dress didn’t get too damaged. Thanks Tori Wible Photography.

My last and most important tip…take it all in. You have a few minutes at the ceremony and reception to look around and appreciate everyone there. And take that moment with your spouse to jump up and down and say to one another “were getting married” or “we are married.” So many times I see couples go straight to the alter then to greeting guests, cake cutting, dancing, garter, bouquet and then they are off. Celebrate TOGETHER, everything will come together.

Keep a eye out for the next tips, tricks and traditions on all things babies!!! Because first comes love then comes marriage then comes baby in a baby carriage:)



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