James and Ashley: their story…their event

James and Ashley’s wedding was such a special day that I got to be a part of. They both loved Tahoe so when I first met with Ashley they had booked a venue in between North and South shore. We went to look at the place and it was great, a very unique style with so much potential. After many great conversations we began to realize that the amount of work and resources that needed to go into this location was just not fitting. I told Ashley I would look around to find something that would fit them here locally. One option was La Provence in Roseville and it fit with their date they had already selected and their theme that they wanted to create. They are both a great example of a couple who really saw what was important to them and put that ahead of a location that may have seemed perfect in the moment. 

Ashley had a great eye for a shabby chic style and she ran with it. I really wish I could claim some of the amazing homemade details shown but that was all the bride! It was so fun to find little details appear on my doorstep that Ashley would drop off for the wedding. The flowers were a gorgeous collection of wild flowers with hints of pale pinks, greens and ivory. 

The extremely talented Ashley Maxwell photographed every detail of this couples special day. Ashley Maxwell’s vintage and fresh style complimented James and Ashley’s day perfectly. ImageImageImageImageImage

Remember there are many great locations that will compliment your style and fulfill what you have envisioned and also allow for the amount of people you want to be there and fit in your budget. 

James and Ashley’s wedding was very memorable and special. This couple was a pleasure to work with and what is so fun about what I do is Ashley and I still try to get together and talk life! 

Happy Wednesday



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